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the mind is a maze, a kingdom, a universe. we are so miniscule and insigificant, we are as welcome to explore the fortress as who shall we affect.

For every “ ✪ ” in my ask I will post a fact about myself.

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Ughhhhhhhh having a crap time.

"Your blog is amazing! I hope you come back! <3" - heartsflowersandseoul

Thank you! I hope I do too!

Hey guys, bad news.
Some of you may know that I’ve been going through complete shit at the moment so as a personal thing I will be giving my password to my mum which she can then change so I can no longer use tumblr. I may be back in like 6 months but idk. I love you all :)

hi guys, i’m going away for a week as we are on summer break. i love you all have a fab one!